Best Performance Management

We collect data and track ratios (number of submittals per day, interviews per submittal, offers per interview and placements per offer) on every account every week.If we are not hitting our targets ratios you will hear from us. We will walk through our assessment and together figure out what needs to improve (on our end or your end).We absolutely do not see our job as sending submittals that match keywords – and then praying that placements happen.


Aztechs sourcers work as assistants to your recruiters. We identify the candidates your recruiters do not have the time to find or may not know how to find.  You send job orders at the end of your workday, and before your recruiters come in the next morning, Aztech submits resumes of high-caliber candidates along with a Candidate Submittal Report that summarizes each candidate’s qualifications.

Candidates are identified from a wide variety of sources – not just job boards. Before starting work with each new client, we jointly develop a customized sourcing strategy. We can find candidates from all the major US paid and free job boards; search agents; responses to Aztech’s posting on paid job boards (if made available to us); search engines such as Google and Bing; social networking tools including LinkedIn, Twitter, Meetup, Stack Overflow, and GitHub; online business directories such as Jigsaw, Lead 411, and ZoomInfo; websites for professional and local organizations; discussion groups and chat rooms; newsletters and blogs; conference attendee lists; e-mail blasts; third-party suppliers that provide corp-to-corp consultants; university alumni sites; using x-raying and flipping techniques to find candidates from Aztech’s end customers’ competitors; Aztech’s resume databases (if made available to us); iPlace’s proprietary resume database; and our sourcers’ personal networks. We find the candidates that are the best fits because we “fish from more ponds.

Our sourcers use the latest tools to increase their efficiency. All have two monitors so they can search multiple sources while also working within an Application Tracking System. We use DaXtra, an aggregator that enables our sourcers to enter one search string to simultaneously capture candidates from all the job boards, LinkedIn, and our proprietary resume database.

Sourcers can also send candidates e-mails in the names of your recruiters. When the candidate replies, the response is automatically redirected to a specific onshore recruiter for follow up. Our sourcers do not speak to candidates and therefore candidates do not know that we are working behind the scene.

We can accommodate up to 20 Sourcers per team.

2. Pre Qual Recruiting

The pre-qual recruiters, interact with candidates by phone and e-mail using scripts and e-mail templates.

Pre-qual recruiters source candidates, and then make up to five attempts to reach each candidate through phone calls and e-mails. Once they reach the candidate, the pre-qual recruiters explain that they are working as an assistant to your recruiter. They confirm the candidate’s availability and interest in the position, and then ask those who are interested and available a series of questions. Candidates who have not been eliminated answer a list of screening questions that have been developed in conjunction with your company and are requested to submit an updated resume. Pre-qual recruiters do not negotiate with the candidate on salary or rate, but can ask the candidate his or her salary or rate expectation.

The resumes of those candidates who are interested, available, and pre-qualified along with the notes from the screening interview are forwarded to your recruiters. Pre-qual recruiters also schedule final interviews between your recruiters and the candidates.

Full Lifecycle Recruiting

Aztech can supply full lifecycle recruiting as well. They perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that usually include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting reference checks. Candidates presented by Aztech are ready to be submitted to your end customer without re-qualification by your recruiters or account managers.

The process followed by full lifecycle recruiters depends on whether Aztech is working on accounts where we have direct access to hiring managers or Vendor Management System (VMS) accounts where submittals go through a portal to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). When our full lifecycle recruiters work on accounts with direct access to the hiring manager, we qualify the candidate by asking open-ended questions, listening to the candidate’s response, and then asking follow-up open questions. Through this process of “drilling down,” we confirm that the candidates have all the skills required to do the job plus the right behaviors to be a strong cultural fit for the position.

When to Retain Full Lifecycle Recruiters

Full lifecycle recruiters and are a great way to increase your recruiting bandwidth without hiring more onshore recruiters. Our clients have had the most success when using Aztech's full lifecycle recruiters to:

Help Staffing Firms that are overloaded with Job Requirements

Profitably recruit for VMS accounts

Work on VMS accounts where all of the job orders are not being covered

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